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Injun-uity Cards

Here are the Injun-uity cards included in Book 3. This series came out in 1951. They were printed in green ink on gray cardboard.

The image of card 7, has been provided by Leslie Andrus, LCDR USN (Ret.) of San Diego, California. Larry Francis in Virginia has provided images of cards 20, 29 and 31 from Book 3.

Card Numbers Card Title Card Title
cards 1 and 2 Cover Injun-uity Index
cards 3 and 4 Breast Plate Bone and Shell Necklace
cards 5 and 6 Indian Beaded Vests Lariat Uses
cards 7 and 8 Cincha Indian Saddle
cards 9 and 10 Stalking Game - Part I Stalking Game - Part II
cards 11 and 12 Indian Whistle Sun Goggles
cards 13 and 14 Camp Furnishings - Part I Camp Furnishings - Part II
cards 15 and 16 Camp Furnishings - Part III Camp Furnishings - Part IV
cards 17 and 18 Rustic Racks Barrel Stave Hammock
cards 19 and 20 Tepee Decoration I Tepee Decoration II
cards 21 and 22 Ownership Staff Coup Sticks
cards 23 and 24 Corral Gate Stump Chair and Log Bench
cards 25 and 26 Council Rings I Council Ring II
cards 27 and 28 Indian Ladder War Drum
cards 29 and 30 Indian leggings (Chaps) Dance Bustle
cards 31 and 32 Dance Rattle Indian Dances
cards 33 and 34 Horned Wa-pa-ha Lacrosse Stick
cards 35 and 36 Fire Prevention I Fire Prevention II